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The number of alcohol serving licenses available in Pittsfield has shrunk by one, following a unanimous vote by the Licensing Board to revoke a license held by Willard Curtis, former proprietor of The Tavern on 4th Street.

While The Tavern closed its doors more than four years ago, uncertainty has surrounded the fate of its license, in a saga of postponed sanction that has occupied the board intermittently for nearly two years.

“I think the board has to wash our hands of it,” said board member Richard Stockwell, motioning to cancel the latent license following an update on its disposition.

The Boston Globe reports that wine production is up in Massachusetts despite tough economic times, citing a state agency report.

In 2010, Massachusetts wineries hand-crafted and bottled more than 134,724 gallons of wine and hard apple cider, up 21 percent from 2007, said the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. The department used reports from the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverage Control Commission in compiling its study.

According to the study, there are 40 licensed wineries in Massachusetts, and 2010 wine sales totaled $9.3, an increase from $7.8 million in 2007.

A Barrington, Rhode Island doctor who police say plowed his car through the doors of a Massachusetts liquor store in an apparent attempt to get inside has had his medical license suspended.

The R. I. Department of Health on Wednesday suspended Joseph F. Grillo’s medical license.

The 52-year-old Grillo is accused of driving his SUV into a Seekonk, Mass., liquor store in the early morning hours of Feb. 16. A security video shows a man, allegedly Grillo, reaching through the doors and trying to grab for bottles on the counter.

Weeks after state liquor regulators banned the sale of caffeine-packed alcoholic drinks, two other liquor concoctions are making their way onto store shelves.

“Cream” is an alcohol-infused whipped cream that comes in a five flavors including chocolate, caramel, raspberry, vanilla and cherry. The product contains 15 percent alcohol by volume, three times the amount found in most beers and wines.

Cream has already arrived on the shelves of some Massachusetts’ liquor stores.

A new Massachusetts law has dropped the age for getting a state-issued identification card from 16 to 14, allowing everyone old enough to get a worker’s permit to also get an ID establishing their name, address and date of birth. It also provides official information to police enforcing curfew laws.

The law change was pushed by Rep. John Fresolo, D-Worcester. He initially was told teens needed an ID to get a worker’s permit. He later found out that wasn’t the case, but believed offering the cards to teens as soon as they can legally work made sense. Worker’s permits, which are issued by schools, can be granted starting at 14.

Massachusetts charges $25 for official identification cards, which are issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Those issued to people under 21 are printed vertically, so they cannot be used for illegal liquor purchases. The rest are printed horizontally, just like a driver’s license.